SLI Global Solutions - Managing Technology Risk


«“The SLI staff over the past year, I sought their assistance in providing information to me on testing practices for the Uniform Voting System (UVS) that the State of Colorado is seeking. I also worked with them as they developed a report for the Colorado Voter Access and Modernized Elections Commission on an assessment of voting system technology in Colorado. The results provided by SLI were valuable and helped the state make key decisions regarding Colorado's UVS strategy. As our project moves forward, we expect to call upon SLI to test one or more proposed systems to meet Colorado Voting System Certification Standards.”»
Al Davidson, Program Manager
Uniform Voting Systems - State of Colorado
«"Alabama 's Medicaid Agency contracted with SLI Global Solutions to provide both IV&V and Quality Assurance services in support of the Agency's new Eligibility and Enrollment System that is replacing the legacy Alabama Medicaid Agency Eligibility System (AMAES) . The new system also includes the integration of the Alabama Department of Public Health Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This is a very complex, highly visible project involving multiple stakeholders and federal oversight by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). SLI's responsibilities included assessment of software development , requirements management , risk assessment , and testing . SLI worked closely with the project team to prepare for and participate in CMS Reviews and Consults. SLI's staff members were highly qualified and professional. They proved to be a valued asset to the project. I greatly appreciated their independent perspective on the health of the project and found their assessments to be factually based and their recommendations to be well-defined and actionable . SLI clearly communicated these findings and recommendations to the team and our executive steering committee. SLI's contributions were particularly helpful in working with and gaining CMS approval of our efforts including successful completion for all phases of Federal Hub testing . I am pleased to recommend SLI Global Solutions as a highly competent and professional provider of IV&V and QA services." »
Shannon Crane - AMA Project Manager
Alabama Medicaid Agency
«The team in my opinion was outstanding. I truly appreciated this process and all the guidance they provided. Not only did this team well represent themselves and the expertise they possess but also well represented the SLI organization. I would highly recommend SLI to anyone...»
Norman Joseph - Vice President, Product Management
Mountain Medical Technologies, Inc.
«“The SLI QA team has been doing an excellent job evaluating, identifying, documenting, and recommending adjustments to their activities, resources, and deliverables. Their services have significantly enhanced our confidence that the delivered solutions will meet the required quality standards. We have found SLI’s people and process to be a valuable addition to our project. ”»
Sarah Sanks, Deputy Project Director, DCFS Transformation Project
Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services
«ESD was very satisfied with the worked performed by SLI. Their deliverables were summited on time and were of a high quality. The concerns, risks, and issues raised by SLI were accurate and focused on the appropriate technical aspects of our project. SLI was also effective in developing a strong working relationships with ESD and the other vendor partners, which provided to be extremely beneficial in managing the project in a professional and collegial manner. Of particular importance was the quality of SLI’s recommendations to mitigate project risks and issues. We found their recommendations to be practical and actionable, with the goal of improving quality. Their technical assessments were presented clearly and concisely so that our project and executive leadership were able make informed decisions. I can recommend SLI as an IV&V Vendor without reservation.»
Michael McVicker, Assistant Commissioner - Information Technology Services
Employment Security Department - State of Washington
«We are so gratified that our cumulative efforts have yielded the much-needed results. I must hasten to add that the work of the entire SLI team has definitely lent so much credibility to this entire electoral process ... for this alone, you have the gratitude of not just this member of the Technical Evaluation Committee, but more likely that of an entire nation.»
Tim Diaz de Rivera, Director General, National Computing Center
Republic of the Philippines
«Downtime of any length is very costly and deemed unacceptable: for this effort, the only acceptable risk was 'zero' risk. As we did not have the resources to satisfy the testing requirements within identified project schedule, we met with SLI Global Solutions and quickly decided that they had the expertise and personnel for the job. What made SLI stand out for us was their communication and flexibility. As with any project of this size, problems arise; SLI helped us rise to the occasion at every turn. On the bottom line, SLI was instrumental in helping us attain that goal of keeping acceptable risk at zero.»
Client Project Manager