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Statements of Independence

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Statement of Independence

The SLI Global Solutions IV&V Statement of Independence reads as follows:

In its IV&V project oversight capacity, SLI Global Solutions LLC  shall remain technically, managerially, and financially independent from the software development and implementation effort being undertaken. The management and staff of SLI Global Solutions shall maintain an independent decisional relationship between the company and its clients, affiliates, or other organizations so that SLI Global Solutions’ capacity to perform IV&V services objectively and without bias is not adversely affected.

SLI Global Solutions shall maintain independence in fact and in appearance from clients whose projects are or are scheduled to be under IV&V by SLI Global Solutions. Control of the IV&V budget shall be vested in an organization independent of the development organization. The IV&V environment, whether on-site at SLI Global Solutions or at a client’s site, shall be organized so that staff members are not subjected to undue pressure or inducement that might influence their judgment or the results of their work.