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About us

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SLI Global Solutions LLC (SLI) is exclusively focused on helping government agencies improve the quality of services they provide, and attaining positive outcomes for system modernization projects and program improvement initiatives. We are a leading provider of Independent Verification and Validation, Quality Assurance, Program Management, and Test Management for large technology-intensive application development projects such as Medicaid, Eligibility, Child Support Enforcement, Transportation, and Unemployment Insurance/Labor.  SLI has specialized expertise in program design and improvement strategies for child welfare and child support programs.

From planning through implementation, SLI Global Solutions’ team of world-class professionals and thought-leaders serve as quality advocates to ensure IT systems are developed to agreed-upon standards, fulfill business needs, and meet federal or industry certification criteria.  SLI’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, reflecting the maturity of our delivery and management processes. Our externally audited ISO processes, credentialed staff, and innovative tools and techniques provide recognized value to our clients that is uncommon in the industry.

SLI, through its Center for the Support of Families (CSF) Division, is a nationwide leader in program design, assessment, technical assistance and training for human services agencies.  Working at the local state and federal levels, SLI integrates new strategies and technologies into social services.  We have played key roles on important child support and child and family services initiatives in the country.

We earn our customers’ business and trust through the integrity and teamwork of a talented and experienced staff, using innovative techniques and technologies, industry-leading tools, and certified and proven processes to enable superior outcomes and minimize risks for our customers.  As a member of the GLI Capital Group family of companies, we have significant financial strength, and broad access to resources that make us the ideal partner to our government clients.  

SLI Staff

SLI Global Solutions employs a team of dedicated professionals with specialties in professional IT consulting, computer systems planning and design, project oversight, quality management, project management, validation and verification, security assessment, ethical hacking, business intelligence, and software testing.

SLI Global Solutions’ consultants specialize in principles espoused by industry-recognized thought leaders in such organizations as IEEE, ISO, SWEBOK, COBIT and the Project Management Institute.  SLI staff also hold individual credentials in software testing, information security, networking, project management, and related disciplines.  All of our staff are trained on our quality management methodologies and receive periodic refresher training to ensure that new standards and best practices are applied consistently across all projects.


SLI Global Solutions' customers include local, state, and federal government agencies throughout the country.  Based upon our customer testimonials and an enviable record of repeat business, SLI has become a recognized partner of choice when managing risk and optimizing technology investment.


SLI Global Solutions is certified to the strict standards of ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9000 is a family of standards for quality management systems and the ‘ISO 9001:2015 certified’ designation certifies that SLI applies formalized business processes to support customers in managing their technology risk and investment. Do your quality results deliver business value and hold up to regulatory expectations?

Let SLI Global Solutions demonstrate how world-class process and people can enhance your technology investment. 


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